Embroidery Design

Embroidery is where this company started!

Embroidery is a powerful way to personalize and market. Perfect for branding your company or team, a special way of saying “Thank You” to your customers and employees.

We own the machines and do all the work in-house. We have since grown to offer a ton of other products and services, but embroidery is our specialty. The best embroidery comes from talented digitizing.

Digitizing is the process of converting your logo or text into “sewing instructions” for the sewing machine. Many shops don’t take the time to test their patterns and the result is crooked logos or thin lines. All of our embroidery is thick, robust and tough, and we supply the garments and have access from everything from aprons to jackets.

We use only the highest quality polyester thread resistant to chemicals and known for color retention and strength. Our backings are wash-away leaving no patch inside your garment. That means after a few washes most of the backing will wash away leaving a smooth comfortable embroidered area even against bare skin. We also take the time to clean up our work removing the small tails of thread so our work looks good, inside & out.

Our Professional designer can help create the look you want.


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